Big Takeover Magazine - Hyperbubble "Live in London" Review

Issue No 77
Volume XXXVI
No. 2
Page 113


It's been seven years since Hyperbubble last tickled my ears, having released four albums and a handful of singles since. Now this little band from Texas is coming at you Live from London - Full on '80s are go. The recording is clean, the songs are tight, the influences are robots rocking out to synth-pop that's been trapped in the sub conscious of the world for the last 30 years. Jeff DeCuir and Jess Barnett DeCuir are your synthesizer couple tour guides, pushing the edges of keyboard minimal, groove, like Danceteria flashbacks filtered through modern noise. It's upbeat and happy, putting electric dreams with twitches of Devo, Thomas Dolby, and Saturday Morning cartoons into your mind. It's sexy android rock with visons of candy coated curcuit boards; yesterday's future, today!

- Marcel Feldmar