Mom Dad Unit, the first track off of Solid Pop, is like a breath of fresh electronic air. The intensity of the power pop beats are sure to get you moving. And with lyrics such as "Mommy was a toaster, Daddy was a blender, my brain is a computer…" one can’t help but to sing along the second or third time they hear it.

So a month later was their CD release party and I was hooked. I had to go see what this adorable electronic couple would do on stage. I could not have expected anymore than what they gave us. Jeff and Jess’ energy was full force. And how can you not like a girl in checkered tights and pink wigs?

Part of the attraction to Hyperbubble is not only their capability to lift you up when you’re down but they’re damn nice too. In my experience they are the most responsive band here in San Antonio. They appreciate their fans more than anything and are just happy to be playing their music.

Lindsey Cartwright - Modsnap 2004