When describing love, the majority of us think of words like breathtaking, passionate, romantic, powerful and heartbreaking...It may be true that love was the driving force behind many of the great musical compositions of our time; it is rare to catch it in raw action. This month, the couples in Hyperbubble, Ledaswan and Altus provided Backbeat with the stories of how they met, and their insights into the romantic, and sometimes tremulous world of making love where you make music, and vice versa.

Jess and Jeff met at the Blue Star Art Space at a movie screening of Sonic Outlaws, where they discovered they both attended UTSA as art majors at the same time, but fatefully never met. Hyperbubble is a consequence of their romantic relationship. The duo, signed to the UK's Bubblegum Records, confessed that it all started from a mutual love of The Who's sixth album, Quadrophenia. As a married couple, they've toured as far as Europe and have played numerous local shows. "Our 2007 UK tour was a blur of missed train stations, mad dashes through the tube, getting lost in Wales, rowdy Scots who never wanted the party to end, back-to-back gigs in Glasgow, having to break into an apartment in Edinburgh to retrieve our lost passports, 24-hour discos, sleeping on floors, and Jeff losing his voice and having an emergency pulpotomy by a London dentist on the first morning of our tour," describes Jess.

Jeff recalls unwinding in a (Hyper)bubble bath at an English bed and breakfast after a show, watching The Pick of Destiny on his iPod. The song Tenacious D sang right before their fight with the devil reasserted the feelings Jeff had for his marriage: "Man, these guys totally nailed it. When you go through all this insane musical stuff with someone, it makes you realize what a remarkable partner you have - and you know that together, you can take on anything."

Hyperbubble's muti-faceted sound fuses synthesizers with video, visual art, satire, science fiction and fashion. Their music is no doubt a result of Jeff and Jess' shared love for nuclear fission, animal rescue, hiking, camping, vinyl collecting, cartoons, roller-skating, time travel, robots, architecture, solving mysteries and dancing with their cats. Where attention from the opposite sex, besides each other, is concerned, they refuse to get offended and completely understand that they're "in the business of getting attention." "I'm pretty proud of the fact that Jeff has athletic kicks - and legs to boot. I'm actually trying to convince him to wear shorts at our next gig; something for the ladies," responded Jess. Jeff in tight shorts? Now, that is something Backbeat is looking forward to including on a cover or calendar! Mr. March, perhaps?

Hyperbubble will release it's new album, Candy Apple Daydreams on Valentine's day. The album will be available on iTunes and through CD distributors in Japan, Germany, France, England, Scotland, and the United States, and will embark on another tour of Europe in May.

G. Thomas Vasquez and Imelda J Vergara - Backbeat Magazine Feb 2010