Airbrushed Albis
Filthy Little Angels

Having loved their first CD, SOL!D POP, I was eager to hear what Hyperbubble would come up with the second time around. I got everything I had hoped for and more. Jeff still spits out the hot new wave licks on his synthesizers, and Jessica's multitracked pop vox are sweeter than ever. There are still familiar traces of 80s favorites like Blondie, Berlin, Missing Persons, yet there are also moments where Jess and Jeff are mixing and matching and inventing music like I've never quite heard before.

The song "Synesthesia" has the CD blasting off in pure powerpop style. The energy level is kept high until later in the CD, where Hyperbubble start to explore newer, darker territory with songs like "Non Biodegradable Hazardous Waste Disposal", and the ultimate in vanity, "I'm in Love with my Clone".

Speaking of clones, those expecting Airbrushed Alibis to be a clone of their first album are in for quite a few suprises: The sound is bigger, the arrangements more intricate and the lyrics more biting. Still, songs like "Teen Dream", and the anthemic "Indoor Kidz" will satisfy die hard happy-pop devotees of SOL!D POP, and then some.

Those who stick around past the listed songs will be rewarded with the ultimate bonus track entitled...yes..."Bonus Track". It's an absolutely hilarious dedication to those psuedo - freebies every CD buyer hopes and prays for.

Hyperbubble invite their listeners on a supersonic rollercoaster of technocolor fun, and I for one am enjoying the ride.

Sexy Synthpop - Electrocore 2007